September 2015 Program Meeting

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“Failure Isn’t Final”

Featuring John Wannamaker

John Wannamaker began speaking before large crowds in the 5th grade. This was not on purpose, and he says he bombed. He was booed off the stage by a bunch of 5th graders as he stood before them to give his very unprepared speech on becoming the next class president. He promised himself he would not make that mistake again.

5d0f493d17e887b33331a437f20d750a Fast forward 29 years later, he’s had 4 children, 2 marriages, a military career (USMC), a career as a senior computer programmer, an investment company failure and federal prison. He’s now more refined, more concentrated, wiser in his thoughts and logical in his approaches. “Failure Isn’t Final” is his personal story of being at the height of life and having it all taken away, then in the darkest area finding a reason to push on.

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Tuesday, September 8
Noon – 1 p.m.
Lubbock Women’s Club | 2020 Broadway Avenue