2012 Mentoring Program

Posted on Dec 5, 2012 | Comments Off on 2012 Mentoring Program

By: Melissa Wofford

AWC Lubbock 2012 Mentor Program Texas Tech

Our chapter has started a new and improved mentoring program. Twenty students were matched with 15 professional members. The matches were based on the professional expertise of the professional members and the field of study and career goals of the students.

Thanks to these members for their participation:

Julie Barnett mentors Emily Kaltman
Mary Jane Buerkle mentors Emily Pellegrini
Patti Douglass mentors Selena Mendoza and Nicole Molter
Lauren Hays mentors Katelynn Brownlee
Valerie Hlavaty mentors Morgan Haywood
Alyssa Kitten mentors Kierra Wormley
Courtney Marshall mentors Laci Hargrove
Abie Rampy mentors Kayla Suarez
Ann Rodriguez mentors Sarah Young
Aleesa Ross mentors Sarah Bailey and Janet Moreno
Sherry Saffle mentors Ashlyn Tubbs
Shelley Smith mentors Sarah Harlan and Lexi Phillilps
Michelle Stephens mentors Melissa Brisco and Hudaina Baig
Kendall Wheeler mentors Mary Robb
Melissa Wofford mentors Jillian Schraeder and Amanda Swan